SCS IT services are delivered proactively to keep your technology infrastructure running smoothly.  We execute established checklists of proactive tasks to check backups, perform test restores, ghost workstations, upgrade device drivers and document the entire network.  This approach eliminates problems before they occur and provides peace of mind that your data systems are being monitored, managed and supported by certified, experienced IT professionals.

  • Networking Monitoring: SCS has made significant investments in real-time remote monitoring tools.
  • Proactive Support: SCS helps improve the stability and security of your systems through regular proactive maintenance. Some maintenance tasks can be performed remotely, which reduces business disruption. However, SCS is not a “hands off” company, we utilize the appropriate mix of on-site and remote maintenance to ensure that the technology is maintained and we are on-site when performing certain upgrades.
  • Support: SCS support center is staffed by highly trained, certified and experienced personnel they are not call-center employees. Our support center technicians are qualified to address all of the IT needs of small to midsized businesses.
  • Backup Systems & Procedures: SCS recommends and deploys comprehensive backup solutions.  We monitor and test your backup systems to confirm that the backup operations were completed and tested!.
  • Disaster Recovery & Planning: SCS can help ensure that you don’t lose critical data in the event of a disaster. Our experts will help you implement the appropriate policies, procedures and technologies to protect your business.
  • IT Assessment & Planning: You can trust the experts at SCS to provide you with expert advice. We provide an annual review your network and make recommendations based upon your unique needs and industry standards.